Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From Mother to Son

I love finding treasures. Yesterday I found a letter from my Grandmother to her son who was traveling with a singing group. Any glimpses I get of this person I didn't know are precious. This letter I hold is a precious gem.

June 23, 1931
Letter No. 2
Tuesday morning

Dear Willard,

I just wrote to you yesterday but I'll have to write again today because I can't keep from it. I cannot write any more for about 2 weeks. I'll write my next letter to Flagstaff. Maybe I'll send one to Trinidad. You can ask at the both places.

You are at Cerro Corde this morning and I hope you are still sleeping while I am writing. It is striking six now and you are an hour later that makes you five o'clock.

It rained again last night, but it got real hot yesterday so they finished. The hay wheat was cut down towards evening. I do not think Dad will cut any more down yet as it still looks rainy.

I picked 14 qts. of berries yesterday. Will can them today. I cleaned up your room (partly) yesterday and I felt homesick for you again. Your room is pretty empty without you in it. I think of you all day. Tell Palsgrove I hope he'll have an obedient bunch of boys.

Harold has not written to us yet since he has been gone back to Defiance so I'll write to him today, too. Maybe he has had some bad luck. Anyway I want to know how he is getting along since he has gone back.

Well I must go and get breakfast. Dad will be in soon. Keith just now got up. I am going to try and have your snaps sent to you at Flagstaff, that we took at Bradford.

If you need a hat, be sure to get one. I think a soft straw will be so good for sightseeing and it will not get broken easily, yet look good, too.

I must go now so good-bye till I see you again at Trinidad.

Love forever,
or Mom or still Mamma

A straw hat, a mother walking in an empty room, a farm woman feeding her husband coming in from the field, a son leaving his roots to follow his music. An ordinary day on the farm on Byreley Road.

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