Monday, January 24, 2011


You can move from Ohio to Oregon, but some things you just can't leave behind. You can live in a state 25 years then move to another state living there for 33 years, but once in awhile one of those things pop up once more. Frankly, I love those little surprises that catch me unaware causing me to I realize I'm still that same girl who lived back that lane on Neff Road.

My friend has been feeling a bit under the weather. I wrote an email to her catching myself before I hit 'send'. I wrote, "Get better soon". Get better? Hm. I do believe I really mean for her to 'get well'. Her health needs improvement, not her. Ah, bits and pieces of the past.

I do not criticize the quirks of our speech back that lane. In reading a good bit of historical fiction about Scotland and Ireland, I find many of our speech patterns and expressions come from those roots. Perhaps many come from the transition from one language to another. Whatever the source, we had our own regional style.

My son was often teased when he went off to college and scolded me for not saying certain things correctly. I didn't realize that I said 'pellow' instead of pillow. I said sweep the floor instead of vacuum. On and on it went with me becoming more and more aware of my language patterns.

When first I moved to Oregon, and on our trip across the US to get here, comments were made to me asking where I was from. Some thought I was from the south. I never knew I had an accent!

Years have passed since I've been asked those questions. My love of the English language has deepened...and improved. Yet once in awhile I step back in time.

I still miss Mom answering the phone, "yello".

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