Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My 'O' States

"I am taking a job in Oregon," my then husband informed me. Oregon. Hm.

Our Ohio and Wisconsin friends and relatives who knew we were moving asked all sorts of questions about our new state even wondering whether or not the state was settled. Were cowboys still wrangling cattle and the Indians on reservations? Did we know that it rained  constantly there? The sun didn't shine.

Well, yes, we do have cowboys. The natives are friendly. And, yes, it does rain here; Oregon is ranked 36th in the U.S. for highest, yearly average rainfall. Hard to believe, but true. What rain we do get gives us the lush landscape that surrounds us.

I have lived here since the fall of 1978. As a farm girl, I'm still drawn the the area outside of our suburban home. Our rich farm land lies in the Willamette Valley. Some of the same crops are raised here as in Ohio. And, many are different. Acres and acres of flower bloom in the spring. Bulbs are shipped all over the world. Cut flower are shipped to the flower marts. Red clover covers the hillsides creating a stunning blanket of red. Acres and acres are covered with nursery plants. Blueberry fields supplies us with picking fun and purple lips. Vineyards are a plenty as is the wine tasting. Apples and pears grow at the base of the mountains while hazel nuts flourish in the valley. What's not to like.

I think I am blessed to have lived in two O states. Even though I miss my roots in Ohio, I would miss my home here were I to leave this lush state. Come visit.

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