Thursday, March 3, 2011

Click, Click, Click

Click. Click. Click. I sit with my computer watching the screen and once again am on Neff Road. Facebook has given me an opportunity to connect with those people back in Ohio. The neighbors, the relatives, the classmates I saw decades ago are once more at home with me. Click. Click. Click. That's all it takes.

Like most of us on Facebook, we joined to share pictures with our families and to keep up with our friends. The more we found comfort in moving around the site, the more people we found and befriended. Students long scattered are with me again. Now they are grown and married with children. I can be a part of their lives once more. My sisters are as close as that click, click, click. I wait for the screen to come up and am home again. Carla is once more on the piano bench.

I visit Neff Road every day with Janet. She keeps me up on the local news and weather. She posts pictures of the place I love. We have bonded a friendship over Facebook that will continue to grow. I am grateful for the opportunities to connect that this site has given me.

My children remember the farm from their growing up years. They do not have my memories of my home back the lane. Yet, I can post on Facebook and all of my dear friends and neighbors join me in a memory of Neff Road.

My blog takes me home again and again, but just a click, click, click and I am enjoying a day on Neff Road.

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