Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Hand no Longer Old

Shhhhhh. Do you hear the spirits of the past? Do they talk to you in an ache in the heart or a memory that brings laughter. Do you feel them with you? 

My son and daughter-in-law are on vacation. I came to their house to puppy sit for Millie and to keep an eye on things. It is a lovely spring day. Millie and I played our own dog version of soccer on the back porch. Eventually, I found myself sitting on the old porch swing from the farm. I knew I would. How could I resist?

I sat on the swing listening to the click of the chains as it swung back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. My memories to me to times sitting on the swing next to my sisters, my mother, my Aunt Welma and Cousin Betty. We shelled peas and snapped beans. I grew up next to them on the swing, young moving to older. Tot moving to teen. Brenda and I had many fun moments playing on the swing. Our dolls were rocked. Reluctant kittens held tight rocked as well. I sat there with her parent....with mine. Back and forth. Back and forth. Gary and I clocked a few hours on the porch swing. We all ended up on the porch swing.

I looked down at my hand resting on the arm of the swing.  The same resting place where my sister, Peggy, rocked me. The same place where my sister, June, held me. The place my mother whispered to her baby, "I love you". Back and forth. Back and forth.

Suddenly, I saw a small hand reaching up to hold on while her sister picked up swinging speed. A hand that stroked the fur of a cockerspaniel puppy in my Great-Aunt Alma's arms. I saw the hand of a child. A hand no longer old.

Yes, the spirits do rally around us during our lives. Sometimes we even visit them on the old porch swing.

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