Friday, March 25, 2011

Ice Blue

Junior Prom. My first prom. Mom was excited for me to have the perfect dress. A shopping trip was planned to Columbus. My Cousin Betty drove us to the state capital. Three women on a mission. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

We made a day of it going from shop to shop not wanting to make a decision too early. The ladies took me to lunch at a nice restaurant. A very unusual day for the women of Neff Road. This one special day, I was the center of attention. The day was all about me. A day worth remembering.

Love at first sight. Ice blue satin. One of the first dresses we discovered. The perfect dress for my first prom. The perfect dress for my blond hair and blue eyes.

I still love to look at the picture of me and my boyfriend on our way to the prom. Pictures were taken that preserved a moment forever. A young girl in her ice blue dress. A young, handsome man in a white tuxedo jacket in love with the girl by his side.

I handed my dress on to my friend, Sandy, who became Pumpkin Queen reigning over the Bradford Pumpkin Show.  My favorite dress, a dress for royalty, a dress for a high school junior. Ice blue.

I'm not sure that the ice blue dress was all that special. Maybe it was the trip to Columbus with two women I loved. Two women who wanted to make a day special of this once teenager going to her first prom.

Ice blue.

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