Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Old Friend

I grasped the handbrake and pulled back. The car slowed to a stop from its already turtle pace. I stepped out onto the running board then onto the road. Across the field, the boys ran. I was late.

Such was the time I had a love affair with a 1929 Chevy Roadster. Well, really I was in love with the driver of the car who was one of the boys running cross country across the meadow. He ran cross country and I kept stats for the team.

I opened Facebook yesterday to see pictures of the old roadster long forgotten in a shed now off to be restored. The surfacing of memories caught me off guard. Days when I was a teen came visiting.

The top on the old car was always down, so rain or shine, we were in the roadster. Some teenagers think that sassy new cars are the perfect mode of transportation, but I venture to say had any of them ridden in this old Chevy, they would have wanted one for their own.

I never thought much about the history of the car. I don't know whether or not the old car was passed from an earlier generation. Now the car was handed on to the oldest child. She takes along with that car a wonderful part of my life. A roadster hauling memories, mine along with many others.

So nice to open up Facebook and find an old friend, an old 1929 Chevy Roadster.

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