Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Could Walk

Walking was what I did best. Every day I walked to the barn, to the chicken house and most days down the lane one or two times....maybe even more in the summer. I could walk down the back lane to the creek, to the field where my dad was working, to the thicket or to the woods.

I could walk to my best friends house, the neighbors at the end of the lane and even to school if I really needed to....which I didn't. I could walk to my grandfather's house, my uncle's house and to two different bridges.

I could walk along the creek. I could walk from my other aunt and uncle's house to my other grandparents and the old Beech Church. I could walk to the little store from the same house when it was still a little store.

I could walk through Red River by just crossing the road. I could walk Neff Road and never really break into a sweat. I could walk the main street of Arcanum in just 3 blocks. I could walk the main street of Greenville in a few more blocks, but in less than 10 minutes if I didn't dawdle.

Yes, I loved to walk.

We didn't think about dangers along Neff Road. Hardly a car went by. And, if it did, more than likely we knew the person inside and yelled "hi!" as it passed.

I miss walking up and down that lane. I miss the sense of security we had living on that road. I miss the 'howdy' to a passing car or buggy. Most of all, I miss the Loxley family that lived in that house on the lane off Neff Road.

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