Friday, April 29, 2011

I Know Her

Charlie Ardinger, Ethel Loxley, Esther Rhodes, Elise Ardinger, Will and Leta Wright
The picture is old and frail. Years have taken the color. It fades into the past. The names are written on the back. Two I recognize: my grandmother Ethel Loxley and her sister Esther Rhodes.

A beautiful part of having a computer is that I can save old pictures and tweek them to make the picture richer than it is on paper. Still there are parts that will not be saved. I have saved what I can.

I love that I can enlarge the picture in order to look more closely at faces, clothing, the site of the picture. I only saw my grandmother from the eyes of a small child. Now I can see her in a new way as an adult. I can know her by the friends she kept and the way she dressed. Once more I am with my grandmother.

There is a rich history in the photo basket. There is a rich history we can preserve for future generations. Not every cares, I must admit, but I am one who will do what I can to keep our history alive in word and in the photos. I care.

Will someone care as much when we are gone? Will we leave behind our gifts of the person were are? Will we leave words of poetry, a spirit loved by others? Will we leave behind a photograph of us in happy times?

I know my grandmother by the stories my parents told. I know her by the lives she had touched. I know her by the face I see on the paper. Ah, I know her.

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