Friday, April 1, 2011

Michigan Green

The house caught my eye the first time I passed by on my rainy walk. Michigan green.

When visiting Vancouver, BC, I was immediately struck by the eclectic styles of homes. Mediterranean, Middle East, Arts and Crafts, ordinary box homes sat side by side in neighborhoods. At first I found it disturbing, then I began to appreciate that all of these styles could reside side by side the same as the people inside.

In Nottingham, England, the homes old and new are brick row houses. Wonderful row houses. I could imagine running next door for tea time. Inside, the older homes reflect a time long ago. In small villages, frame houses line the streets.

When we moved to Wisconsin, I noticed that more homes came in a variety of colors. Obviously, this was the Dutch influence. In Oregon, homes blend with the nature around them in neutral tones and design. Small homes from the logging era are found in the small outlying towns.

In Key West, homes reflect the tropics. Arizona and those surrounding states also reflect a southern feel with homes made of stucco with tile roofs.

On my return walk, I paused in front of the yellow house with dark green trim. Once more I was in Ludington, Michigan, at Aunt Bess's lodge. All of the building there were white with the same dark green trim. Other homes in the area wore the same dark green. Michigan green.

I find it amazing what one can discover while taking a leisurely walk. I found a memory back to Michigan.

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