Friday, April 22, 2011

Something is Missing

Something is missing. Spring is upon us and yet something is missing.

For the last couple of years, I have been driving my sister either to or from Indiana from Key West where she migrates each Fall much like the birds. Her mode of transportation is all by land. It is a special time when we are confined to a small space with nothing to do but talk and laugh. This year I did not make the trip. Instead I am going back for the month of July. Something is missing this Spring.

Sisters. What a lovely word. My sisters mean the world to me. This once small farm girl born seven years after her next sister remembers little of her sisters in those growing up years. By the time I was starting school, June was in high school and Peg heading to college. The old house was quiet and lonely.

I know from the stories of when I was small how my sisters watched over me. I know that they rocked the baby who came home from the hospital with a mother who was not recovery well and was in bed. I know that when I was in the hospital with spinal meningitis, that my sisters sat waiting for news of their baby sister. I know that my sister, Peggy, took care of me while Mom and Dad tended their daughter with rheumatic fever. My sisters were the silent force in my childhood. I was loved and tended to by them until I could face a time without them.

As I grew up, my sisters and I grew closer. We found common bonds reintroducing us to one another. We found friends in our sisters. We now have a relationship that is beyond words.

I sit in Oregon while my sisters are together. June is staying with Peggy until she hops into the car and heads north again. I am not there. I feel it as a caged Canada goose wanting to fly north.

There are only three sisters who truly understand the life back the lane on Neff Road. When they are separated, something is missing.

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