Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stepping Away

Introduction into life beyond the farm:

My sister, June, worked as a soda jerk. I didn't grow up where kids went to work, so this work thing was new to me. I knew my sister was a jerk whenever she picked on me, but I didn't understand why anyone would pay her to be one. One day Mom and I stopped into the drug store. June came over and asked what we wanted. I was busy spinning on the seats at the counter. Mom probably asked for a cherry coke. June made a phosphate for me. I remember the first sip. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. But this bubbly stuff was pretty good once you caught on to it.

My sister Peg had gone off to college. Going off to visit her was an adventure. The girls in the dorm would yell "Man in the hall" when Dad passed through. I went to my first football game.

One time we went to visit my uncles parents. They lived in a really modern house. I was just a little kids, but fell in love with the house immediately. Wilbur showed me how to work the snazzy light switches. I'd only seen switches that clicked on and off, or you pulled a chain to turn on the bulb. These switches didn't make a sound.

Things changed on the farm for this little farm girl when her sisters' worlds expanded. New people came into our lives. New experiences happened. They were small steps, but they were steps leading away.

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