Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Thousand Words

The old pictures are tucked away. They sleep for decades occasionally passed over.

"Who is that?" my granddaughters ask whenever we come across an interesting photo.

I don't know. My trunk is full of pictures of people captured in a moment of time passed on to the future, to those who would not know them. The trunk is full of a history that should not be ignored.

Some pictures grab you and hold on. No matter how you search the picture for clues, or how you try to look for recognition of a relative in the face on the old photo, there is no record of the place, the person, the time. Still the picture tells a history.

This is indeed one of my favorite photos. The child sitting in the cart. Was it taken in a studio? Is the goat a taxidermed specimen? If it was taken on site, who worked the camera? Was the old tri-pod brought to the location? Why do the goat and child have the same look on their faces? How old is the child? Who is the child?

It is a time when carts and goats or carts and dogs would have been a reality. A time captured fascinating my granddaughters as well as the grandma. I want to sit in the cart. I want to pet the goat. I want to step back to the time of long dresses, hair coiled into a bun and babies in long dresses. And.....for a moment I am.

A picture is worth a thousand words....many of those words are questions.

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