Thursday, April 7, 2011

What do You Think it is Worth

"So do you want to go to Antiques Road Show with me?" I asked my friend last night.

"Oh, I'm not into antiques like you," she replied.

Hm. Looking around at her French Provencial furniture, I realized that our taste certainly went in different directions.

Yes, I love antiques. They carry a history with them. My sister, June, and I love to go to estate sales. Another friend asked if I didn't feel badly when I bought something that someone had to sell.

"No, because I will love it and give it honored place in my home," I replied.

I thoroughly enjoy Antique Road Show. Often I see something from the past and am once more catapulted home to the farm.

"I had one of those," I often say out loud to no one else. "I wonder what happened to it?"


The show is coming to Eugene in June. I am excited to take a few of my discovered items and those from the farm. I don't want to know the worth as much as I want to know the history of the items. Who held this item? Who carried the old wooden Bible across the sea? Why was the old broken pitcher so important to my Mom?

I was delighted to learn that one of my former Franklin Monroe classmates owns an antique store. How little we knew about one another back then. I guess I didn't know back then that I would some day like antiques. Well, maybe I did to some degree. I remember standing on the radiator in my grandma's kitchen looking into the corner china cabinet. A lovely purple pitcher with painted flowers sat on the top shelf. My other grandmother had a wonderful china hutch full of delicate dishes. I remember standing next to it looking at each piece. Maybe the antique lover was taking shape then.

It will be a day long trip of driving, standing, driving, but I look forward to peeking at the treasures of other participants. A true antique lover never stops looking for a bit of history.

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