Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Culture Came to the Farm

Culture came to the farm. It came in many guises. The door was always open. Sometimes it came on a bus. Sometimes it came in a car. Sometimes it came with tickets to the performances at Memorial Hall. Later it would come with shows at Anticolis and lobster at the Brown Derby. Culture came to Neff Road.

Our home was not stranger to foreigners. The Loxley girls learned about other cultures by the people who stopped in to stay for awhile. Friends, friends of friends, exchange students. They came to the Loxley door, ate at the Loxley table and slept in the Loxley guest room.

The singing group from Piney Woods, Mississippi, introduced a future girl of the 60's to a widening world. Her parents opened the door and invited them to our table.

Our parents knew how important it was to expose their daughters to entertainment. Orchestras, instrumentals, vocalist, actors, we were given it all to savor. We were given pictures into a world far from the farm.

Mom and Dad loved to go to the city for dinner and a play or musical. Their world widened even after they had opened the doors for their children and were alone once more.

We grew up wanting to experience more of the world around us.

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