Monday, May 16, 2011


Dialogue. Taking us from one place to another. A tool for learning, creating, discovering and healing. Dialogue.

My column in the Advocate has started dialogue. I'm always excited to look at my email to see who came to visit. Old friends of our family, school mates, those who lived in the area journey back in time with me each week. Dialogue.

Thanks to many of you, I am learning more of my roots. In the decades long gone, I have forgotten many of the stories and old landmarks. For many of those years, I was too young to know what to ask, too young to care. A history that both reader and writer share is the purpose of my daily return to Neff Road on my blog and a weekly visit with my roots via the Advocate. We shared a journey. Perhaps we knew one another. Perhaps not. Still the soil beneath our farms, the circle in Greenville, the familiar halls of Franklin School, the cobblestone of Arcanum and the seasons that changed, place us all on the pages of Darke County history.

I love my dialogue with you. My sisters join the dialogue by pointing out the discrepancies between their memories and mine. We traveled through our childhood years at different times. We knew our parents in different ways. For those grandmothers I never knew, my sister fill in the blanks. We share the struggle of those years and life on a farm in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. We share the losses and cherish the joys. Dialogue.

Recently, I heard about a study researching the link between gregarious people and their love of their past. I guess I fit both. I love people and my roots. Perhaps my reaching out to others, enjoying the repartee is part of my dialogue with the rest of the people in this world who share a bigger dialogue. We all to some degree share a past. Those in India, those in Micronesia, those in New Zealand and other parts of the world are our neighbors.

We share a story, you and I. We are pieces that fit into the same Neff Road puzzle piecing together a history. Stories, yours and mine.


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