Friday, May 27, 2011

For the Blue and White

I posted the suggestion on Facebook. Why not move the Alumni Banquet to August? The debate has started. Most agree. One does not. I think it is time for constructive dialogue.

I wrote on the alumni site that I would like to see the Alumni Banquet moved to August, the weekend before the Great Darke County Fair. The Banquet has always been held in the spring before the farmers get busy in the fields. The alumni aren't all farmers. Many of us live far away.

The last time I went to the banquet, I found that not many of the younger past alums were in attendance. Traveling during the school year is difficult for younger families. Summer vacations take precedence over time off to go to the banquet in the spring. I could never go when my children were small, because we went back to Ohio when the weather was warm and the children could play outside on the farm. I missed going with my parents and my sisters.

We all have memories of the fair. People still travel back to their roots to attend the fair. I would love to visit the fair with old classmates or have a picnic outside in Greenville Park. Perhaps it has to do with the school being closed for the summer, but school starts early in Darke County. So the kitchen opens a little early?!

Well, that's the opinion from a blue and white girl in Oregon. I love watching the debate on Facebook. I seem to be starting something. Time for change.

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