Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graduation 1931

A beautiful piece of history. Not just the document, but in the history of a community, a family.

The school was built in 1926. Mother and Dad graduated in 1931. They started in a one room school house then attended the big, two-story, brick building.

Mom's cousin Ralph Eberwein was President of the school board.

Mom carried yellow roses when she was married. Now I wonder if she influenced the decision on the class flower. The FM colors changed from green and gold to blue and white. Perhaps it happened when Franklin and Monroe consolidated.

I look at the old program and see names of those who passed through my life when I was a child. I see the surnames of the kids I would go to school with two decades later.

I appreciate that Mom saved the old documents. Yes, she saved them for the memories they held for her. Little would she know that I keep them for the history they hold for me.

It's June tomorrow. The month when young men and women move on with their lives. My parents moved on together in 1931.

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