Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Could Not Leave

I take them for granted. They tower around us, but I give them little notice. It's a long way from Ohio to Oregon.

There are twenty-four mountains and peaks in Portland, Oregon. We live at the foot of one of them. It isn't a big mountain, but like most of the mountain areas here in Portland, Douglas Fir and other evergreen plants cling to them. With every phase of development, land is set aside as a nature refuge. I take for granted the lushness of this beautiful place.

When we came to Oregon, we drove down the Columbia Gorge. I didn't know much about this new state of ours. I studied Ohio history not Oregon. We drove across high desert into the forests. It was as if someone had drawn a line...desert on one side and lush forests on the other. It was also the line that rattle snakes did not cross. As we came around a bend in the gorge, we were met with our first view of Mt. Hood. I was literally awestruck. We pulled over so the kids and I could take it in. The regal mountain sat there looking back at us.

I have been blessed to live in two of the 'O' states. My first taught me to love the earth and all that grows from it. The second has taught me to be part of nature.

"Why don't you move back," I've been asked again and again. I could not leave Oregon. I could not leave the trees.

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