Monday, May 30, 2011

I Took Away

We take with us what we are. We take with us what we want to be. We sometimes look back with a critical eye. Sometimes we have no idea what we left behind. But still, we move on.

I took away from Neff Road more than I left behind. I took the hearts of two people who lived back the lane. I took memories, good and bad. I took the genes that were given me at conception. I took questions and few answers.

Neff Road was more than a place to live. It was an education, sometimes hard and sometimes full of pain. I struggled reaching for what I didn't know, knowing only the place I had always been. Some steps took me far away. And, over the years, steps have taken me back time and time again. Not by walking the lane to the house. No, the steps are those I make in memory, in forgiveness, in understanding. I've learned to listen to the past in new ways. I've learned to embrace the past and its joys.

I took from Neff Road more than I left. Perhaps I can give back what I failed to leave behind.

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