Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple Things

Missing the wildflowers. Missing all of those wonderful flowers that bloom only in the spring.

Dad and I loved to walk in the woods. We didn't pass a flower without Dad asking me the name of the plant. Dutch Man's Britches, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, tiny Violets, Trilliums, Buttercups, Ginger. So many lovely flowers filling a little girl's memories.

I haven't walked in the woods here. I'm not sure they call them woods here. We have forests. Big forests. Enormous forests. I probably should find someone who knows the flora here and talk them into a training session for me. I think maybe I owe it to the memory of my father to pass on the wildflower tradition. Maybe I owe it to myself.

Sometimes I forget the simple things in life. A simple walk down a lane. Passing fields planted by the hard work of the farmer. The smell of hay ripe and freshly cut. The sight of a doe standing at the forest edge. Nature. The simple breathing in and breathing out of this earth.

The earth. We take it for granted. The Dutchman's Britches hang in a row waiting for some child to come along and enjoy. Perhaps we should take the child in us and find new ways to see old things and old ways to discover things we have forgotten.

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