Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tucked in the Bible

The Irish Government has prohibited the National and the Orange meetings which have threatened such serious disturbance as Newry on Sunday.

The old newspaper clipping is tissue thin. As with most of the old clipping I have in the family folder, no date was included with the article. I found the clipping in the old Langston Bible. I've read it and can find no reason why it might have been saved. As far as I can tell through research of some of the other news items, this piece of old news print is from November 1883. Local and world news fill the column.

The French authorities in Paris have received no news confirming the story that Sontay and Bacninh have been evacuated by the Chinese.

A simple clipping from an old news paper gives a picture of life in my great grandmother's time.

The Saute St. Marie River is frozen over and transportation to and from Lake Superior has stopped. Business on the New York canals closed Saturday.

The paper does not look like a local paper. Was the clipping sent to the Langston home? I read and research. A page in the life and times of my family comes alive.

A saloon-keeper in Miamisburg, Ohio, has given notice that the requests not to sell liquor to drunken husbands, father and brothers will be complied with by him.


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