Monday, May 9, 2011

A Walk With Mom

"How about Rose of Sharon?" my son asked.

"I think we had that on the farm over in the side yard," I replied.

My son and I were spending Mother's Day at Al's Nursery looking for plants for his new yard.

"Those are a new hybrid Peony," I told my son. "It is a cross between the Tree Peony and those Mom had at the farm. She had those in the little triangle of yard next to Hollie's field. We carried them on Memorial Day at Newcomers."

"We love Hydrangeas," he said as we passed two rows of the plants.

"Mom had a Snow Ball bush next to the house."

"I'm not really that crazy about Hens and Chicks," he continued as we walked by the Succulents.

"I know, but ours are special because they came from Mom's flower bed." Flowers from Ohio thriving in Oregon.

On and on we walked, not missing an aisle.

"We need something to keep critters out of the garden," my son said as we walked by the garden plants.

"Mom always had marigolds and zinnias."

We walked through the garden center. Row by row, comment by comment. A son and his mother spent a day together......with Grandma.

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