Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You're It

My son is currently in the show 'Secret Garden'. A scene in this production consists of a game of Drop the Handkerchief. Suddenly, memories descended on me as I watched the show, and I was once more a little girl jumping rope and playing games with my friends.

I'm not sure where I had tucked away those memories. We have those 'aha' moments when sudden awareness brings on the smiles. I began to list other games I might have forgotten.

Red Rover, Kick the Can, Tag, Duck Duck Goose, London Bridge, Ring Around the Rosey, Mumblety Peg, Freeze Tag, Shadow Tag, Leap Frog, Dodge Ball, Follow the Leader, Hop Scotch, Red Rover, Button Button, Hide and Seek, One Potato Two Potato, Farmer in the Dell, Mother May I, Tug of War, Crack the Whip, Capture the Flag, Blind Man's Bluff, Follow the Leader. The flood gate opened and  I was a kid again.

I asked my granddaughters if they had ever played 'Drop the Handkerchief'.

"No," they said in unison.

I asked my daughter and got the same response.

Tic Tac Toe, Hang Man, Jacks, Marbles, Chinese Checkers, Dominoes are still played today as are various forms of the old games made new again.

I think we learned something from those old games. Groups of children played together. The games were all inclusive. We laughed a lot and made memories with classmates. We hid in the dark and ran like the wind.

I will be seeing some old classmates in July. I wonder if anyone will have a handkerchief?

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