Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to Neff Road Via Facebook

It wasn't the birthday greetings that made me smile. No, it was the years melting away and old friends back in my life once more. Facebook has brought Neff Road to Oregon.

Mom would have loved Facebook. It could have been her own address book she updated daily. It would have been her diary, her letters to friends, a door connecting her to everyone she loved. They all would have been with her every day.

I've been on Facebook for a long time. It started out with family and a few friends. Then, like many others, I discovered that I could find long lost friends, neighbors, classmates. The excitement caught me in its web and catapulted those friends into my living room. I was home again. I was making new friendships from old. Home again in a new way.

There is a difference when you grow up in an area and the people are just people you see at school, those you play with, family that is just there in every day life. Getting older has made me appreciate those people much more. I want to know who they are as adults. I want to know about their families. Those I didn't take time to know better when I was young are now friends in a new, wonderful way.

Friends of my sisters have become mine. Children who played in the basement back that lane on Neff Road are now in touch with me. Classmates I thought I would never see again are once more in my life. I have come home to Neff road in a new way.

Mom would have loved Facebook. I know she would love that those people from the past are still in my present.

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