Monday, June 20, 2011

Familiar Faces

Two weeks from today I leave Oregon. I've been marking off the days, but now it is right around the corner. I fly in to see my sister then drive down familiar roads to home. Excitement is mixed with a sense of sadness knowing that things will have changed and some of the faces that usually greeted me are now watching over me. Familiar roads. Familiar faces.

I ran across this picture of taken of those who helped to make my wedding back on September 9, 1969, very special. Friends, family, those who were more family than friends. I smile when I look at these women remembering wonderful times. Three are gone now. The woman on the left side was the wife of our best man who died a few years ago. A history of me in the faces on this page.

I'm excited to catch up with old friends. I know that hugs and hand holding will greet me. I know that the love that they gave to me over my sixty-four years will be there once still. A marriage all those years ago didn't last beyond thirteen years, yet many of these friendships continued. They remained despite distance. They remained through the changes in our lives.

I will drive familiar roads filled with anticipation as the miles tick off. I will hold on to each moment savoring the essence of another time and place, holding tight to those who once filled my heart with love and who reside there still.

Familiar roads taking me to familiar faces.

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