Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Going Into Town

James and I have been talking about all of the places we want to visit when we are back home. Back home. Neff Road extends to all of the places I knew growing up. Greenville was as much a part of our lives as was Painter Creek. When my kids visited Grandma and Grandpa, they too made the weekly trips into 'town'.

I have fond memories of Greenville Park. Fourth of July in the park, swimming in the pool, wading in the fountain, dances when I was a teen and picnics when I was grown. One of my favorite memories of the park greets me every morning on my blog. The picture of my granddaughter, Sydney, and me looking at the geese was a beginning of sharing nature with this new member of our family.

Gabby asks where she is in the pictures. I promise her that someday I will take her back to see all of those things. These are the places of my heart. I want my grandchildren to know the history of their grandparents. I want them to look at the pictures and pass on the history.

Yes, in a few days I will board the plane and head back to my roots. I will go to Greenville to be with family and friends. I will go to Garst Museum, Maid Rite, my great aunt's old home on Children's Home Road. Some of the old haunts will be gone or changed. But in my mind's eye, I will see the Greenville of my growing up. The place that saw me through piano, ballet, boyfriends and county fair. Places of long ago yet really not so long ago.

Neff Road. A time. A place. A frame of mind.

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