Thursday, June 23, 2011

Looking for the Past

"Mom, I want to take Lisa back to the old homestead," my son said.

He wants to take his wife back to the place where my grandfather grew up. A home now in ruins that began when the house burned down long ago. James and I found the house on one of our trips back in the 80's. We carried old bricks back to the car, a piece of our history.

"Do you remember where the house stands?" I asked him remembering that the homestead sat in the middle of the land my grandfather owned near Bradford. We found it the last time because Dad knew where to look.

I wonder if Lisa has any idea of the adventure ahead of her. They will only be in Ohio for two full days before heading back to Oregon. A quick trip in for the wedding of a friend. I'm taking Lisa back the lane to see my once home. We will visit the cemetery and drive past the church. The time will be crowded with places to see and people to meet. They will visit Arcanum and Greenville. Lisa will know a little more about this family she has married in to by the time she returns to Oregon. My son will revisit old sites and realize how much things have changed. He has not been back since my mother passed at the turn of the century.

Our history changed when my parents passed. The wind was taken out of our sails. The arms that embraced us when we stepped out of the car, the faces that greeted us when we drove down Neff Road, the places that had not changed during the years when the Loxley's lived back the lane are no longer there.

Changes have happened on Neff Road.....but the memories into the past are still the same.

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