Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Must be Summer

Summer is here.....at least for today. The sun is shining and the temperature is 83 outside. So instead of sitting here writing my blog for Neff Road, I went out to play in the sun with my granddaughters.

Every year I pack up something to eat and drink, a lawn chair, a good book, sunscreen and towels. Today we added squirt guns. We find a place under a tree where the girls park me and their towels. They then take off across the grass to the fountains in the park next to the library. Today the park was full. Full of children, full of sun worshipers and best of all full of the sounds of laughter.

Each time I watch the girls dashing in and out of the spray, I think of the fountain in Greenville where we toddlers paddled around on bare feet. The swan spitting water down upon us. I remember running through the sprinkler at Brenda's house. Decked out in our bathing suits, we made for the water. It was a good day on the farm when kids were in water.

Summer and fun seems to go hand in hand with water. Grand Lake, Stillwater Beach, Millersburg pool, Greenville pool, Sugar Grove. For a farm kid, these were the best times of summer. Days lolling around a pool was indeed a treat. One for which I was always grateful.

Fountains, pools, a simple sprinkler most definitely mean that summer is here.

Last one in is a rotten egg!!!!

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