Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pages of Home

Love my books. I usually read two at a time. One rides in the car. One hangs out next to my bed. I get an author I like, and I read all of his or her books. My authors need to keep up with me, because last week I had to reach beyond my author boundaries to find a new one. I went to Powell's books....new and used. I wandered down the mystery section hoping to find a cover that caught my eye.

Red barn. Snow in corn field. Old farm house. The picture looked like a house my friend Brenda once lived in. I looked at the back of the book reading the teaser. Amish girl returns to Painters Mill, Ohio. Well, this book was going home with me.

I started reading the book and found names popping up that had Darke County written all over them:
Painters Creek, Millersburg, the Advocate, Horner, Sebring, Deterich. And that was all before my current page 63.

I checked the author. No one I knew; she lives in Texas. I usually skip over the acknowledgements, but decided to take a peek. For technical assistance, Police Chief Daniel Light of Arcanum, Ohio, Police Department was thanked.

Arcanum. Neff Road has an Arcanum address. Their is only one Arcanum in the entire world. Hm.

The book is fast moving, a bit raw and set on my turf. So close to home that it almost feels real. I decided to send an email to the author. I'd love to know more. I want to know how she is connected to my 'home town'.

Well, I don't have time to write right now. I need to get back to my book. I need to finish it so I can read her next book. Check out Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo.


Janet said...

The Advocate just had something about Linda a week or so ago. Seems like she was from Greenville. Thought the book sounded interesting too. Someday I'll take the time to read it. Our Progressive Ag Safety Day is Tuesday....been busy getting everything lined up for that. Keeping our rural kids safe and healthy is our motto. See you soon!

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

Janet, I emailed her and she replied. Was thrilled to know that she originally grew up on 722 outside Ithaca. Small world.

I look forward to seeing you soon. Look forward to Neff Road.

Thanks for writing. I love hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading the same book. I now live in Northern Virginia, but used to live in the Miami County area. By page 18, I had to find out where the author is from. Thanks for posting that she used to live in Darke County.

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

I couldn't wait to read the second book and finished it on my vacation. Now I will wait for the third in paperback.

Nice to hear from a former 'neighbor'.