Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Nest

My yearly story. A story of a day in the life of the Loxley family. Just another day....or was it?

My cousin, Gene, loved to tell the story to me over and over again. I loved to hear it. He would laugh telling of my grandfather running across the field and changing seats with my father on the tobacco planter.

"I never saw Pop runs so fast!" he would tell me. "I just kept on driving. We didn't miss a plant."

He was talking about the day they were planting tobacco and a little baby was insisting to be born.

I love Gene's story. I've heard it for as long as I can remember. Dad used to laugh and slap his knee when Gene started in on the tale of my birth day. A tale often told and enjoyed.

Mom had a hard time with the birth of this baby. I always knew that I was the reason for her often poor health. It was another story I've heard all of my life.

With a marriage in trouble, I returned to the farm for a month in 1976. I took my pain and confusion to the womb where I knew I would be taken care of, where my babies could be watched over and pampered. I returned not the rebellious child, but one knowing that I was home, home to two parents who loved me and would watch over us in a difficult time.

Later in the 80's my children and I went home for the month of August.We had a wonderful time of enjoying the farm, the county fair and settling in the nest, the womb of my home once more.

Today I think of Gene telling the story of my birth. I see Mom standing at the sink listening, remembering her own memories of that day. I'm a little disappointed that the planting didn't stop and everyone run to Piqua Memorial to be there for the big event. But, plants need to be planted just like babies need to be born.

June 16, 1947.....a baby born to the nest on Neff Road.

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