Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pulled My Chain

"Mom, she's sitting on me!!!" I yelled.

My sister June had me pinned to the floor again. I adored my sister. She was seven years older than me. We shared a room. I idolized her. She made me laugh and took care of me. That is, she did all that when she wasn't fighting with me.

"You girls work it out," Mom said.

Work it out!!!!

My sister loved to send me off to pull the chain of the bedroom wall light. As soon as I turned my back on her, she would slip beneath the bed.


No answer.

"June, where are you?"

Other times I would crawl back into bed after turning off the light.


She would change her voice and answer, "No."

I'd feel her face. "June, I know its you."

Again, "No its not."

I marvel that I have turned out as normal as I have with this sister who loved to tease me. Perhaps it is all she knew to do with a little sister who infringed on her space. But those times made us close. She has always been there for me. When I was lonely, she was my friend. When I was hurt, she made it better. When Mom wasn't around, she took care of me. And, she does all of that still.

The girls who lived back the lane bonded as adults. Distance cannot destroy the bond and loss has made it stronger. In July I will be with my sisters again. We are on the same page in that book of geneology. We hold the history that was ours for a time on the Loxley farm. We know that we are blessed with the gift of friendship between sisters.

Today is June's birthday. What I wouldn't give to go over to pull that chain on the light once more.

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