Monday, June 6, 2011

A Rumble From Home

It took a few minutes for it sink in. We all heard it. No one said anything for a few seconds.

"Was that thunder?" I asked.

Gabby looked up, "Thunder!"

Sure enough, a thunder storm was on the way. Now in most parts of the country this would be no big deal; however, for all the rain experienced here in Oregon, we rarely have lightning and thunder accompany it. The girls have probably only experienced such storms a couple of times during their lives. This storm would be another to add to the short list.

Gabby was afraid. Not so for Sydney and me. We ran from window to window watching the storm develop. Hail hit the roof and lightning flashed. I was back in Ohio once more.

On visits back to the farm, the kids sat on the back porch watching the storms. I'm sure Mom and Dad wondered at these children who rarely saw such storms. They danced in the rain until someone yelled at them to get out of the weather. Didn't they know about lightning??? After all these years, James still talks about Ohio storms.

The storm passed quickly. Gabby wanted to learn more about thunder. Stories ranged from God bowling to moving furniture. She was sure she heard Him make a strike. I guess God is a good bowler.

For me, each rumble was a rumble from home.

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