Friday, June 3, 2011

Tough Girls

We're tough girls, we farm girls. I realize it more and more all the time. Maybe tough isn't the word. Perhaps there is another word, but I'm at a loss for another at this time.

"Eeek! A spider!"

I have taken more spiders out of friends and relatives homes in order to save their little lives from being a flat spot on the bottom of a shoe. I try to teach my granddaughters to understand nature and not to be afraid of it.

I don't mind digging in the dirt, tossing aside an earthworm, smashing a slugs. I don't mind getting muddy to plant flowers and shrubs. I love to rake leaves and toss them into the air. Who wouldn't!?

So did the farm make me tough or did I just grow up to be unafraid? I learned from my dad that spiders have a necessary place in the eco system. I learned that earthworms till the soil. I learned that they also lured fish to my fishing hook. I learned that mice are disgusting and still scare the bejibbers out of me. But all in all, I'm a pretty tough girl.

I like that I'm not afraid of work. I love that I understand the soil, the roots, the moss and lichen. Are we tough? Maybe we are just the mothers of nature. Maybe we answer the cry the same as we would a hungry child. We look at the plants and decide what is good for them. I know that I look at aphids as critters attacking what is mine. There is no room for intruders.

I just felt a bump in my arm. I am assuming it is a muscle. My arthritis seems to make the calls on what my arms can do...or not. My mother worked her hands to the bone. Her body suffered for it. I try to be kind to my body as well as the earth.

Maybe we are tough. I think I like that term.

"Grammy, here's a spider," Gabby yelled. "Come save it."

Hm. I think I'd better check my other arm.

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