Monday, June 27, 2011

Where Horses Raced

I looked at the picture again. For the last few hours, I had been scanning pictures from my mom's old photo album adding them to my computer. By putting them up on the computer, I can enlarge the pictures. A few more tweaks, and the picture can be enhanced. People who were once seen in a fuzzy distance are now seen more clearly. Old pictures become new once more.

Pictures that I have passed by in the past come alive. Things I never noticed become exciting. Such was the case with one picture that has since become a favorite. A picture of horses and riders.

I have seen pictures of Dad's old Belgium horses. The beauties helped Dad farm. He talked about them often. Occasionally, Mom or Dad would be standing next to one of the horses with someone sitting on the broad back of the horse. Never had I seen any of the horses in motion.

The picture was fuzzy. It was hardly a picture that deserved more than a a glance. Then......

I was choked up when I saw the horses running next to the front lane. Suddenly, the house where I grew up became more alive with a history I didn't know. I knew that horses were ridden, that they were on the road, but seeing two people racing down the field made it all more real. Older pictures that I saw on the farm were all posed or of gatherings of family and friends. This was one more bit of information.

I cherish this picture. I love that the garden was still in that same spot to the west of the house when I grew up. I love that the lane I walked was once a place where horses raced.

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