Friday, July 1, 2011

Bags Packed

No postings will appear on Monday or Tuesday. July posts will be irregular while I am gone for the month. Please continue to drop in. I will do the best I can to return to my blog as often as possible. Of course, it will be from Neff Road.

Excitement contained in one small woman is impossible to control. Sleeping at night is more difficult with anticipation of hugging old friends and family once more keeping a smile on her face. She's going home.

For the last 44 years, the same happens when I know that I'm going back to my roots, off to see my sisters. The missing is difficult when living so far away from those I love, the place I love. It never leaves me. Once the ticket is purchased, the butterflies begin. These I have now have been flapping for awhile.

Every day I return to Neff Road with you. I walk the farm, embrace those who are so much a part of my life and those no longer there. I write this blog because of the love I have for those roots. I think perhaps this return to Neff Road makes the present more important. The history I embrace for my family can only enrich their lives. The history I care about can only make this history we are creating now important to them in the future.

My granddaughters return to Neff Road with me each day. We share pictures. Questions pop up at unexpected times. The daily trip I make back that lane isn't just about me or a place and time in my life. These daily trips are my diary, my thanks for the life I was given. The blogs are a history of a family, a community, a time in history.

One small woman will board a plane on Monday. The butterflies will be beating their wings from airport to airport. She will depart the plane, walk down the ramp and hug her sister.

Let the return to Neff Road begin.

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