Monday, July 11, 2011

Class of 1965

One by one we gathered. I arrived early on before most appeared around the side of the garage. The last time I saw many of them was over twenty years ago. Yes, we had all changed.

At first we started with three of us meeting at a friend's home. Then the number grew. Old friends, spouses, a different time in our lives, a time of appreciation for the memories and the people. All came together on a hot, humid afternoon.

Yesterday we sat in beautiful surroundings catching up on families and lives. Stories of the past were shared along with laughter. There is a comfort with old friends that never goes away despite the passing of time. We look at one another seeing not seeing the few lines in the face and the greying hair. No, we see the children of our youth.

There is much to be said for living away from those who knew you long ago, from the place that knew you at your birth. For this place and these people have stayed with me over distance. They have a place in my heart that has never been replaced by others. The Class of 1965. A place called home.

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Spanish Pearls said...

This looks like you had such a good time with all your 18 year old friends! Good for you. And you looked so much younger than so many!!! xoxox PS