Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fury of the Storm

Limbs line the streets. One house away a new Honda was damaged when a tree fell on it. Two houses away a tree went through the roof of a house and garage. Signs bent over. Trees down everywhere. Power lines still down. The storm was here and gone leaving in its wake a path of destruction.

It was a powerful storm. We were without electricity for seven hours. So far we haven't heard of injuries.  Food has been pitched from the warm refrigerator. Litter picked up from around the yard. June's shed was damaged when the doors were wrenched open by the winds. Most of yesterday was spent repairing one door. We will repair the other tomorrow.

I had forgotten about the storms back here. Those raging beasts that attack quickly then go on as if nothing happened. Lightening flashed and thunder rocked the foundations of the houses. Yet the storm would not let go until its fury has been exacted.

Sometimes I think that storms are almost human.

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