Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Home Cookin'

We sat in the restaurant as we have several times during my trip to Ohio then Indiana. The menu was simple home cooked. Prices ranged from $2.34 to $7. Quite a difference from Oregon. Neighbors chatted at tables. People nodded as we walked in. Friendliness surrounded us.

I miss this part of my old community. No one is afraid to look another in the eye. No one is afraid to say "hello" to a passing stranger. Dogs are petted. Children cooed over. A sense of neighborhood surrounds you. A place called home.

Daily my sister and I step into the pool to cool off from this intense, humid heat. Not long after the gate will open and a niece or friend will pop in for the afternoon. There is no newness among friends, even those just met. There is a bond that roots itself in this part of the country.

I guess I will have put on a few pounds by the time I leave at the end of next week. I will know that I enjoyed gaining every one of them.

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