Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home x 2 = Blessed

Home. Three more days until I head home. Yet I feel as though I'm leaving home at the same time as I fly to my home. This part of the United States will always be my home and that state of Oregon where my children and grandchildren reside is my other home.

A month seems to have gone quickly yet not during the living of it. I have spent time with those people I love and must leave. I walked the parts of Neff Road that are my history and settled in for a bit of time. I said good-bye to those people who I still consider my neighbors and came to reside in another part of my life.

Our time here in Indiana did not go as we expected. My other sister did not make it here due to a back injury. A storm hit this neighborhood hard, and, after a week, they are still digging out from beneath the damage. We finished repairing my sister's pool house yesterday so we could finally get the door closed. The gutters are still down. Her tree is going to be cut down because of possible future damage. Mother Nature came to call and all we could do was hear her out.

I don't know when I will get back this way again. I guess I need to work harder on publication. Mistress of my own destiny. Yet, what I have gained on this trip will stay with me long after my plane lands in Portland.

If only I could live in two places at the same time.........

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