Saturday, July 9, 2011

On the Way

I left Indiana heading south to find my way back to Neff Road. As each familiar landmark passed, I smiled. I had planned to drive immediately to Cousin Sue's where I am staying, but my car wouldn't do it. Thus I ended up driving first to the cemetery. I needed to say 'hi' to Mom and Dad. I pushed aside the dead grass at the base of the stone, gathered up faded plastic flowers and sat down for a short chat. My reflection held in the stone between their names.

Not far away was the home of my childhood friend. I knew they were busy with preparations for the dress rehearsal that evening and making bouquets for the wedding. Still I popped in to let them know I'd made it in.

Next I drove past my old elementary school. Soon it will be torn down, a memory from the past. I passed familiar farms. My car would not go past the lane that lead to the old homestead where my father was raised. The minister and his wife invited me in. We laughed as I shared old memories of this beloved farm. A short visit became longer building a friendship I hope to take home with me.

Next stop was at the corner of Byreley and Neff Roads. I wanted to turn right but instead turned into another friend's driveway. The old Neff Road hospitality and friendship kicked in once more.

Very few cars drive down Neff Road. My little, red rental car poked by each home. The residents of my childhood no longer there. I looked back the lane at our old home and said 'hello'.

The embrace of this farm community that saw me through my first twenty-five years of my life wrapped around me and has held me to its bosom. I am home again.

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