Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Spark Caught My Eye

I snuggled back against the pillow, a book in hand. Settled in with my sister once more, spending the day in the sun and catching up on the events of the last year, always calms my spirit and brings me to the arms of home again.

A small spark, then another. One after one they caught my eye. I wanted to cry. I know it sounds silly, but I haven't seen lightning bugs in at least two decades. A spark, then another, still another. A voice inside of me shouted, "Go get a jar!" Ten I remembered that I'm sixty-four and really have no reason to detain the small sparklers. One...two...  The years had passed too quickly. I had moved too far away. I wanted for just a second to run across the grass chasing lightning bugs with Brenda.

Today my sister and I were talking about the stealthy speed that happens in the passing of time. Perhaps it is time to give up the chase and settle for watching new generations run across the lawn. But for today, I want to run with jar in hand and see if I can catch a few lightning bugs to light up my time spent in the arms of home.

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