Thursday, July 21, 2011

Will We Boil?

Oregon is still looking for summer. Occasional temperatures in the 80's are accompanied by little humidity lasting only a day or two. Other days are dreary in the low 70's, high 60's. My granddaughters are missing the summer heat and sunny days.

Now I'm in Indiana. I knew coming back this way that the humidity from my childhood would still remain. I knew that I would take a shower feeling refreshed only to walk out of it into the heat wishing I could take another one. I knew that my clothes would stick to me and my hair would be damp. I have not been disappointed.

Growing up on the farm, I don't remember the heat bothering me. Perhaps I was too busy playing to notice. Perhaps I was acclimated to the summer dampness rather like a fish not noticing that it is wet. I probably always carried that eau de sweaty child scent, but no one mentioned it. Summer on the farm was busy. Who had time to notice.

My sister, June, and I are spending more time in the house. Last night she asked what I wanted to do. We both agreed to sit in the cool house and try to ignore the heat outside. Again, this morning with the high to be 100 today and 84% humidity, she asked what I wanted to do since it is so hot outside.

"We could get magazines and cut out pictures of our favorite things and paste them in a scrapbook," I told her. "It's what Brenda and I used to do on days we were stuck in the house."

June didn't really go for the idea.

"We're going to stay in the pool," she answered.

I wonder if we will boil.

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