Friday, August 12, 2011

By Gummy!

"What?" my friend asked when we began talking about an unusual place to lunch.

"Oh, it's just a sandwich shop," I said.

Just a sandwich shop! How I lied. It is more than a sandwich shop. It is history and memories.

"I remember sitting behind it eating sandwiches," my other friend said. Oh, I remember that, too. Hm, it was pretty dark in the back lot.

As we pulled into the parking lot, my friend, with a crinkled nose, exclaimed, "What is that?!"



Well, by now you know that we were in the parking lot of Maid Rite. The building has drawn visitors for years coming just to glimpse a building covered with chewed gum....and to eat incredibly delicious sandwiches.

"Ooooo," she replied with a less than pleasant look on her face.

I felt very protective of the old restaurant. At one time it held a few pieces of my own chewing gum.

We ate our Maid Rites then took pictures outside. My friend began checking out the gum on the sides of the building. She had a new story to take home.

Sometimes a memory is just as far away as a sandwich.....or a piece of gum.

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