Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cracklin' Cravins'

"We're all out until next week."

Huh? Did I hear him correctly?

"We'll have a new batch then."

Does he realize he is talking to a crazed woman who hasn't tasted cracklins in about 30 years? Does he realize they are about as elusive to me as morel mushrooms? How dare they be out!!!!

The foods from my days on Neff Road lure me back time and time again. Morel mushrooms fried in butter. Mush freshly cooked then fried up the next day. Mom's cream and shoo fly pies. Cracklins.

We didn't have pigs on our farm thus no cracklins. I was introduced to them by a friend who taught me to run the cooked skins over the top of my bottom teeth pulling off the salty fat. I loved them.  Sometimes as an adult I would sneak into the butcher shop and buy a bag of the tasty morsels.

I was hoping to find them in Indiana on my visit. My sister informed me that Yoder's market would more than likely have them. The first week we visited Shipshewana I stopped to inquire about them. They were out. They were out! I'd had a hankering and that hankering was going to have to hanker a bit longer.

On the next Wednesday visit to the same store I was told that they were in the freezer case. Freezer? Cracklins? I brought the cold bag home. They didn't look the same. Something was different. I bit into one and found that they no longer had the hard skin on one side. I nibbled away at the bag for several days. Then one morning a thought came.......

I have a cholesterol check upon my return to Oregon. Argh!!!!!

Without ceremony, the bag was tossed into the trash. I'd had my taste of cracklins. It was good, but not the same as I remembered. I'm still waiting to have my cholesterol checked. I've been working on an excuse. Somehow I don't think the doc will understand.

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