Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Darke County Fair

Here I sit in Oregon missing the Darke County Fair, a fair advertised as the biggest county fair in the world. I don't know if it really is the largest fair, but I don't care. The fair is better than any state or county fair I have ever attended.

I grew up going to the fair. It seemed to offer something to each age. Kiddie rides turned into 4-H turned into walking the midway checking out the boys into bringing my children to experience a fair that had given me so many wonderful memories. Darke County Fair.

If I were to go now, I would be looking for people I know hoping to see friends from the past, those I lost track of, those who like me are visiting. The fair is about people.

Years ago my family returned during fair time. Cousins who were rarely together, now grown, attended the fair together. They explored the exhibits, rode rides and spoiled my oldest granddaughter. The Darke County Fair took on new meaning for another generation.

I wish I was there to walk the midway once more. I would love to eat my fill of junk food. I want my grandchildren to experience the thrill of this wonderful fair. How I want to see my Cousin Alma Lea's art exhibited in the Art Barn. I want to go to the horse races once more.

Darke County Fair. The best fair in the entire world.


Sandy said...

The fair was exactly as you remembered only with more different booths and eating places to see. Tami and Ashlee and baby Conner were here and we all enjoyed. The food smells were also a treasurer to keep. I did get my corndog which I always have to have every year. The fair brings back so many thoughts of the past. Memories that we will keep with us forever.

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

Sandy, I wish I could have been there to walk the Fair with you. I think I'm beyond trying to win a stuffed animal, but how I would love to have a corn dog and watch the people.