Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Extra Mile

The four women stood with pieces of tubing, cords and a big canopy. The directions seemed simple, but the frame was wobbly. Two pieces in. Two pieces on the other side fall out. Frustration turned into laughter. Piece by piece the frame began to take shape. At last the canopy was in place.

"Wow, that's really pretty," said one of us. "You did a good job."

"It's just perfect!" exclaimed another.

"I love it," I think that was me.

My sister has a cute, little house with a lovely pool. The backyard is a delightful place to sit and visit. She hung the flags of her sisters' states on the line below her American flag.

We sat inside the newly erected canopy feeling a bit like we were in a cabana by the blue sea.

"Is it four o'clock?" I said.

"Wine time!" came the shout.

We toasted fine work and a perfect day by the pool.

She went the extra mile.

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