Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hang Out the Banner

American Flag. State of Virginia. State of Oregon. The flags hung on the pole. Flags signaling that company had come to a little red house in Indiana.

My sister has state flags for those visiting from out of state. They signal that there are visitors. They signal that my sister has taken an extra step to make visitors feel welcome.

I love seeing the flags hanging in a row. It seems to me that everyone should be so proud of those coming to their homes. Mother used to say something about 'hanging out the banner' when someone came to visit. I never thought of it literally but love the idea.

When the storm hit, we came home to find the flags laying at the bottom of the swimming pool. Three soggy flags, wrinkled and seemingly ruined. I shook them out and hung them on the clothesline. They sagged and complained that they had been tossed to the bottom of the pool by straight-line-winds. Gradually they fluttered crisply announcing that they were ready to fly once more.

Out of the ruins of many an event, wars, disasters, catastrophes, our flag has still flown. It has remained strong and vigilant over a country that sometimes cries. I saw these flags representing family, roots that are made of sturdier stuff.

They waved in the wind. American Flag. State of Virginia. State of Oregon. The banners were hung.

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