Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Leaving Home

Home. A relative word. Sometimes a word that represents a relative. This is what I found in the month of July. I found a new home. New even though it was my old home.

Coming back from a month away from home requires an adjustment period. I have spent many a vacation 'visiting the farm on Neff Road'. We dragged our kids home. We planned vacations around my other siblings visiting at the same time. We didn't go to exotic places or theme parks. No we went to Ohio. Little did I realize at the time what treasures those visits held. Perhaps I didn't realize until I boarded a plane in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, heading back to Oregon.

The leaving was difficult this time. I had a month to settle into the life of a small town. Newrighbors dropping in for a visit. Going to auctions and eating home cooking the old fashioned way. Pitching in when a storm tore through the small town. A town that was lean on stress and rich in contentment. A small voice continued to ask, "How can you leave?"

I attribute the wealth of this visit to my cousin, Sue and my sisters. For the time in Ohio, I stayed with my young cousin who really didn't know me all that well. We found a bond that I know will continue to grow. Her generosity of time and space was wonderful. Laughter and great conversation drew two cousins together despite the age difference. I missed my cousin, Gene, terribly, but time with his daughter helped to mend a wounded heart.

My oldest sister could not make the entire trip due to a injury, but she was the reason I was there. Her generosity gave me a chance to breathe. June, opened her home and her life to embrace me making me feel closer to my roots. She gave me home. A gift with no expectations....only love.

Coming home. Leaving home. Bits and pieces of me.

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