Monday, August 15, 2011

On the Bright Side

"Welcome to Cracker Barrel. Where are you from?" (It's amazing what can happen in the matter of a few seconds with the asking of a simple question.)

"Mom, you talk to everyone," my kids always tell me when once more I have a new found friend or relative. I suppose I do talk to everyone. Life is too short not to meet as many people as possible, right? Who knows what you can learn about the world and about yourself? Just seems that if we are all living on this planet together, we might as well know one another.

My sister and I were in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, to visit with a cousin we did not know. He had contacted us wanting to meet, and I'm always ready to know one more relative. We met at the Cracker Barrel. Old style products and country cooking. Before my cousin arrived, the greeter asked the above question: Where are you from? I, of course, said Oregon since that's from whence I hail. Then I added that I had been visiting my roots in Ohio. Then it began:

"What part of Ohio?" she asked.

"Darke County," I answered.

"I have family there. You probably don't know them," she continued.

As expected and asking in all sincerity," Who are they?"

"The Sarvers. Alberta Sarver is my cousin."

Well, knock me over with a feather!

"Alberta?!?!" I exclaimed. "My best friend works for Sarvers. I just sat with Alberta at a wedding!"

After this conversations, June and I went into the restaurant to wait for our 'new' cousin. Jack came in loaded with family history. He handed a special packet to me.

"Do you mind giving this to your friend?" he asked. The friend he referred to was Francis. I had told him that I was having coffee with a family friend at Smith's the Monday before. He asked who she was thinking he might know her since he was once a local boy.

Feather #2.

"Francis is my cousin," he said handing me the Bright family tree. "Do you mind sending this to her?"

You know sometimes you wonder if you are stuck in a time warp and not sure how you got there? Sort of a Bermuda Triangely thing. No? Oh....... Well, I did.

I'm beginning to feel the family and friendship loop expanding. I think I like this feeling. After all, we are all one family, right?

"You talk to everyone," my sister said.


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